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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Trends and the Thinking Girl

It's July, well, almost August, which means that fall fashion is hitting magazines and stores alike. Women and men all over the world will be looking to fashion gurus to see which trends to check out to be on the cutting edge of chic. What is the forecast this season, and what will actually prevail--often those two are slightly off.

However, I wasn't actually going to talk about the 2009/2010 trends, although I'm happy to say that feminine shapes appear to be dominant, but rather the whole concept of trends being announced seasons in advance in an attempt to influence and condition popular fashion preferences.

Why do intelligent and independent women (and men) let fashion dictate what styles they wear? To fit in, of course. For many it's not simply a dream of living up to society's perceptions of beauty but a very real need to comply with the norms and dress codes set by the work place. Regardless of your profession, there are definitely certain ways of dressing that are acceptable and some that will have your peers and colleagues looking at you in disbelief.

Yet we still have room for individuality. In spite of social and haute fashion determined styles, we choose how much to let trends influence us. We can either buy every lifestyle magazine on the rack and try to live up to their standards, or we can reject that which just doesn't appeal to us. Just let your self through in your personal style and get noticed without being outrageous. Keep your body type and your sense of modesty in mind, and sprinkle a little of your own personality onto your wardrobe. Choose your trends with care, and never compromise your own sense of style as you venture into a new season. A trend is nothing more than another person's opinion--one that you may choose to respect but won't have to obey.

Of course trends are announced in order that upcoming collections will sell. Therefore the real problem with trends is that you may not like the general styles they represent. Don't fret, though, you will always be able to fix any fashion problem--either (learn to) do it yourself, minimize your purchases for the season (...), or if you really need something new: have it made and be your own trendsetter.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Jumpsuits--80s cool or 80s drool...?

OK, I know, that was an awful title, but it captures exactly what I'm trying to figure out. When first I saw that the jumpsuit really is back (and trust me, it is in a huge big way), I was horrified. I could not believe my own eyes and immediately started imagining scenarios of saggy boobs and protruding bellies making a major statement in various styles of jumpsuits. But then I remembered that I used to LOVE jumpsuits. And not just in the 80s, but also in the 90s, and probably as recent as 2003...

A few years ago, I had some aversion to smocked top dresses, still do. The jumpsuit has the very real and risky potential to be the pant version of those awful dresses, because, like those dresses, it can be tremendously comfortable, and signify cutting edge fashion. Just look at the By Malene Birger jumpsuit in the above link (it's harem pants and a smocked top in one), or take designs by Roksanda and Diane von Furstenberg. I shudder at the thought. But there are also examples of very well-cut and designed jumpsuits that have practically nothing in common with the smocked top dress. Alexander McQueen's All-in-One Tuxedo is absolutely beautiful, and for more relaxed looks Anna Sui and Stella McCartney (although her takes on the jumpsuit are not always flawless) are among the designers who have some great designs that neither make you look fat, or like you're trying to hide fat, or like you've tried to cover up your prison escape with some crafty fabric dye.

I guess that what I'm trying to say is that you should definitely go with the jumpsuit, but only if you find one that is actually more than a glorified PJ.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Spring Time Comeback...

Well, it's been how long since the last post? And all this while we've been quietly taking in the Cleveland suburbs and contemplating new designs and future styles. 

Speaking of new styles: Just returned from Denmark where fashion, to put it mildly, is different from the US. So simply walking the department stores was inspirational, not to mention awfully tempting. While the overall trends are the same, there is a very pronounced edge to Scandinavian styles that is missing here in the US--perhaps because day-to-day living requires less corporate representation there than here. 

So anyhow, let's talk a little more style over the next few days, fabulous trends, not so fabulous trends, and how to start things up in Cleveland. When a recession hits, hit it back in your best outfit!

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Happy News

The last 2 days I read way too much news about this shooting, and it left me all depressed and "mushy". So today I decided I would not read anything about it, but...I still wanted to read the news...a dilemma! I did a little search for "Happy News" - oh the joy, I found this lovely little website that only prints the good stuff. I am now up to date on the sale of Mammoth fossils and am very much looking forward to the Bandares and Eddie Murphy duet in the next Shrek movie! - So, hope you all enjoy some happy news too.

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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Google Bombing

So the concept of Google Bombing seems to going the way of the dodo. Those party poopers!

For those of you unfamiliar with the topic, Google Bombing is the term used when someone (usually pranksters) links a derogatory term to another individual in an attempt to have that term bring up the person's name/web site as the first recognized hit in Google searches for the keywords.

So for the longest time, searching on the term "miserable failure" would bring up a direct link to the page for the President (hee hee hee) because enough bloggers and website publishers got in on the meme to link those terms to the page. The same goes for linking the term Scientology to Operation Clambake - a cheeky site critical of scientology. However, now Google has changed their algorithms to prevent all our fun! Hardly fair of them to spoil all that hard work that people put in.

I suppose they just want Wikipedia to be the first result for each and every search ever entered into their search engine. Too bad.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

We've been quiet for a while but now...

It's Sink or Swim Time.

And whom do we have to thank for this? YOU of course. You who supported us through your patronage, or inspired us with your enthusiasm and interest in our business model. It's that inspiration that has given us the confidence to take the plunge! In order to express our gratitude for this, everyone who have supported us prior to February 15th, 2007 will continue to receive our present rates.

Starting January 1, 2007, our rates will go up by approximately 20%; however, as mentioned above, you'll forever receive the rates that you have been accustomed to. Just set up an appointment with us prior to February 15th, 2007 and we will lock you in at our present rates. The best way to do so is by using our contact form.

So thank you for your support of [meen kyolë]! And keep a close eye on us. We're going to try to grow up here, and it's guaranteed to be interesting. Either interesting like a butterfly coming out of its cocoon, or interesting like a train wreck... At least it will be fun!

Have a Great & Happy New Year

Monday, January 01, 2007

Sizeists - reprised

Sizeist? Ever heard the term? Sizeist is slang for a prejudice against a person because of their size. Be that person small or large - a sizeist doesn't like them because they don't fit the mold. [meen kyole] believes that sizes are a thing of the past and is looking to break that mold. Sizes aren't really even valid!

We've seen over time women who have grown, but their sizes didn't! So did we all shrink? No, the sizes grew! They grew because we chose not to; because our vanities would not allow us to buy bigger sizes. Now we are all for vanity - but that kind of self delusion is simply mindless. It doesn't do anyone any good, really, but it does make us appear rather silly. A size 0! What are you? A "nothing"?

Nobody has a perfect body, but anyone can have a perfect fit, a perfect design, a perfect look - just not off the rack. [meen kyole] custom clothing design will work with you to find your perfect look. Customizing your look with with us will help you not only look good, but feel comfortable and express yourself just so.

We're located on the north side of Chicago and can meet you where you'd like in the Chicago area. Wherever you're most comfortable. Wherever expresses your style the best.
for more detail on our name, our philosophy, our product, and us!